Important Public Moroccan Holidays

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Every country comes with a long list of public holidays. Morocco is no different. Whether you want to plan your trip to coincide with a holiday or avoid them altogether, below is a list of important dates in the Moroccan calendar.


January 1st—New Year’s Day

January 11th—Proclamation of Independence; anniversary of the Independence Manifesto of 1944

May 1st—Labor Day

June 14th—Eid Sghir Holiday

June 15th—Eid Sghir; the end of Ramadan for 2018

July 29th—Enthronement; King Mohammed VI’s coronation in 1999

August 14th—Oued Ed-Dahab Day; Allegiance Day

August 20th—Revolution Day; marks King Mohammed V’s exile in 1953

August 21st—Youth Day; birthday of King Mohammed VI

August 22nd—Eid Kbir; Eid Al-Adha for 2018

September 11th—Fatih Muharram; Islamic New Year

November 6th—Green March Day; 1975 demonstrations over Province of Sahara

November 18th—Independence Day; independence from France and Spain in 1956

November 20th—Eid Al Mawled


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    Very, very useful. Will use this as a guide for my upcoming trip. Thank you.

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